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Katalin Kovacs, the Hungarian ghostbuster, told newsmen in Budapest. Just be sure to take the wrapper at least partially off the Tootsie Roll before you place it in the jar. Kovacs said she discovered her bizarre ghost-catching method by accident. While trying to capture a ghost that was haunting a grocery store, she noted that the spirit gravitated to the candy counter — and a Tootsie roll with a torn wrapper.

The ghost in the store immediately appeared and entered the jar. The entire procedure took less than five minutes.

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That proves it is an effective method. Anyone's with me? Sejong Oct 29 am After this drama, i bet that second lead male will gain his popularity.

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Kyou Oct 29 am This drama manage to make me cry as much as it makes me laugh.. I do not know, but the story and hardship of ordinary people that they show in this drama just went straight to my heart. I usually do not watch television much, but this kind of drama is an exception. Sonia Singh Oct 25 pm I love him I, again and again fall in love with him everytime I watch him in his new drama. This is so special drama he is exclusively in Male Lead and he is just nailed the character!

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What an amazing storyline!! Geun Young ssi welcome back You are looking so much pretty. Rety Oct 24 pm This is funny eventhough the genre is crime. Nay Oct 24 am Kim sun-ho oppa, everytime you laughs i'm the one who falls in love. Dosheyan Oct 23 am Even though this hairstyle is good I prefer her achiara's secret hairstyle. Mgy is exceptionally talented.

I sincerely hope the script will do justice to these 2 main leads. Have seen ep Again fighting Indra Oct 23 am This should be on wed thu slot Let's be honest this drama ten times good than miss lee.. CKW Oct 23 am Interesting start. MGY looks so young, sadly I'm not liking her character so far. Hot headed and impulsive. I really like them so far even though there's no romance.

Aside from that would loved it if they gave the supporting characters more development especially Ki Do Hoon, he has a lot of potential. Other than that Eugune's character is highly unlikeable, self-centred, stuck-up and narrow-minded. I hope there's no love traingle or any non-sensical romantic drama here, rather I'd wish them to keep it simple - comedic mystery show.

Nana Oct 23 am The lead couple is really cute N funny btw i think I will be bipolar after this show end cuz I laugh really hard at some scenes N also cry at some scenes.

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Helena Oct 23 am??? Iefah18 Oct 22 am Really enjoy ep 1. Catch the ghost fighting How can she looks exactly the same as when she was in Cinderella Sister which was almost 10 years ago? Tim Oct 21 pm seems interesting, also don't like Ha Ma-Ri character, she seem a bit self center and looks down on other, doesn't t want to take advice from her teammates, as a cop she needs to take different approaches to a case not just her own, she seem to think that her way is the right way, a hardhead case. Nameless Oct 17 pm Kim Sun Hosshi im so excited for this one!

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  • Inmyheart, dr Sep 19 am Waaaah Mgy had always been a great actress in most of her dramas. Heart them. I Love Kdrama Sep 19 am The storyplot looks good and kinda of interesting He finally in a lead role.. Waiting eagerly to see him Oyabun Sep 18 am MGY back in drama world.

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    Hope it will not be disappointing. I wish KSH the best as a lead actor here. Nobi Sep 17 pm Kim Sun Ho finally getting lead roles. I'm so happy. This looks like a fun drama with comedy and mystery mixed together. Gabrielle Sep 11 pm I live in Ilsan and tonight as I left a cafe from studying I saw a film crew filming this drama! I will definitely be watching it when it comes out! The scene I saw looked very interesting.

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    • Fedame Aug 03 pm Waa i probably will watch this, hope it won't be disappointing. Dutch Lady Jul 25 pm Woww Definitely on the top to watch list. Can't wait.?? Very good actress. Watched all her movies, dramas and variety shows. I'm very happy and excited to watch her acting again after a long break due to health issues.

      Hope she is now completely healed from her sickness. Moonie Fighting!!! Interesting Facts. Here is more information. Catch The Ghost tvN.

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