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The narrator is no different she allows her insecurities to overwhelm her and even changes her mind on several occasions in order to ease the torment that she feels.

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The fact that the narrator begins to bargain with God may also be important as it not only suggests that she is insecure but she may also be so uncertain of herself that she is prepared to change herself in order to please others. Something that is noticeable when the narrator begins to re-evaluate her relationship with her boyfriend and thinks about making changes that she may not necessarily need to make. Changes which would appease others but be of no benefit to the narrator.

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If anything the narrator may be paralyzed. She is stuck in a situation in whereby she has no control. Which further suggests that the narrator is reliant on others. The setting of the story may also be significant as the story appears to be set in the one room, a confined space, which would further play on the theme of paralysis.

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The narrator is trapped not only by her way of thinking but also because of her heavy reliance on others. She is trying to ensure that she reaches some type of happiness but she is striving for happiness externally and through the actions of others. Rather than looking within herself and realising that she can be happy without having to be insecure about the situation she finds herself in.

Other symbolism in the story which may be important is the telephone. Parker describes it as being black and rooted to the wall. This in many ways mirrors the mood that the narrator finds herself in. She is deeply rooted in depression because of the lack of action of others.

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She is trying to normalize a situation through memory yet is uncertain of whether she was called darling on one occasion. It is as though she is pinning all her hopes on one affectionate term.

Some critics may suggest it is due to the fact that the relationship between the narrator and her boyfriend is over yet as readers we cannot be certain. We remain as unsure of the situation as the narrator. The ending of the story is also interesting as the narrator continues to be overly concerned about whether her boyfriend will ring her or not. She has made no movement throughout the story which further suggests that the narrator is to remain paralyzed.

Rather than having the confidence within herself to be rational about the reasons as to why her boyfriend may have not called her the narrator begins to count to five hundred. Stand up.

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Walk to the right. Follow this woman.

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Go behind the stairs. Now walk past her. The piece leads visitors through the museum on a meandering tour up the central staircase, taking them briefly into a nearby gallery, and then into a service stair normally off limits to visitors.

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Layers of real and recorded sound overlap, creating a rich and ambiguous sense of space. A man calls. In the bleak service stairwell, the tour pauses and the camera goes black. Ominous footsteps approach from behind in the stairwell. Related Papers.

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