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They then plan to call all who oppose them pro pedo. Result - fail. In other words, it is MK-Ultra!!! Defango was also used and now exposes it.

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In doing this, local villages, towns, cities, states and countries will be free of central banks. There is a vast amount of wealth sitting inside the historic Global Debt Facility awaiting man and human kind. It belongs to the planet. The Board of Governors represented by the Ministers of Finance who sit on the board of two main banks and represent all member countries globally have decided to allow humanity to free itself from the banking cartel and use this vast wealth available inside the Global Debt Facility, to have all countries mint their new currencies and mint the new ORUM, a new gold backed local paper, issued using the gold and wealth in the Global Debt Facility.

This a currency free of the fiat money system and free of the banking cartel. It will extinguish the Fed and extinguish the central banks, owned by the Rothschilds, Warburgs, Rockerfelelrs and 10 or so main banking families globally. It will allow humanity to become free of this treasonous banking cartel, which has enslaved all nations. He put a Goldman Sachs agent in there - the worse pick for America! So if you are planning to use the U. Treasury in your plan, as most such plans do, it will fail. Trump is blocking US and all countries from minting their own currencies free of the banking cartel, as per the plan explained by Karen Hudes in her Youtube videos and accompanying PDF files.

Trump has become beligerant with the Overseer Mandate Trustee of the Global Debt Facility and is trying to boss her around. He is acting as an agent of the banking cartel and attempting to keep us enslaved to the Rothschild - Black Nobility Banking Cartel. Trump is trying to boss around and order the Overseer Mandate Trustee to obey the desires of the banking cartel.

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Why does Trump not act and wipe-out our illegal debt? Because he is an agent of the Black Nobility banking cartel, a Jesuit Chabad member, agent of deception! We used to be all pro-Trump and even helped him get elected, but now we have woken-up to his lies. Will you wake-up too? Rather then the fake history currently being taught there. Once our Constitution has been restored after this, then and only then we can call our.

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The current government has already been dissolved and is bank-rupt. The current elections are illegitimate. Something they will not teach you in school. In other words, food and medicine will not be taxed; nor will used items such as old homes. The interim government will cancel all National Emergencies and return us back to constitutional law.

The debt of the U. Continued to[ Part III. So many levels of deceit. So few who understand, If you are one of the few who does, welcome to the team!! Downvoting a post can decrease pending rewards and make it less visible. Common reasons:. According to a person familiar with this encounter, which took place about a decade ago, the agency had been preparing it for months. Through a business front, it had funded and staged the conference at an unsuspecting foreign centre of scientific research, invited speakers and guests, and planted operatives among the kitchen workers and other staff, just so it could entice the nuclear expert out of Iran, separate him for a few minutes from his guards, and pitch him one-to-one.

To show his sincerity and goodwill, the agent put his hand over his heart. How will you protect me?

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Where will I live? How will I support myself? How do I get a visa? Do I have time to pack? What happens if I say no? The scientist started to ask one, but the agent interrupted him. I n perhaps its most audacious and elaborate incursion into academia, the CIA has secretly spent millions of dollars staging scientific conferences around the world.

Its purpose was to lure Iranian nuclear scientists out of their homeland and into an accessible setting, where its intelligence officers could approach them individually and press them to defect. The people attending the conference had no idea they were acting in a drama that simulated reality but was stage-managed from afar.

More than any other academic arena, conferences lend themselves to espionage. Assisted by globalisation, these social and intellectual rituals have become ubiquitous. Like stops on the world golf or tennis circuits, they sprout up wherever the climate is favourable, and draw a jet-setting crowd. What they lack in prize money, they make up for in prestige. Although researchers chat electronically all the time, virtual meetings are no substitute for getting together with peers, networking for jobs, checking out the latest gadgets and delivering papers that will later be published in volumes of conference proceedings.

Write a paper and see the world! The importance of a conference may be measured not just by the number of Nobel prize-winners or Oxford dons it attracts, but by the number of spies. US and foreign intelligence officers flock to conferences for the same reason that army recruiters concentrate on low-income neighbourhoods: they make the best hunting grounds. While a university campus might have only one or two professors of interest to an intelligence service, the right conference — on drone technology, perhaps, or Isis — could have dozens.

She submits a paper and it is accepted. At the conference, the hosts ask for a copy of her presentation. The hosts hook a thumb drive to her laptop, and unbeknownst to her, download every file and data source from her computer. The CIA is involved with conferences in various ways: it sends officers to them; it hosts them through front companies in the Washington area, so that the intelligence community can tap academic wisdom; and it mounts sham conferences to reach potential defectors from hostile countries.

The CIA monitors upcoming conferences worldwide and identifies those of interest. Suppose there is an international conference in Pakistan on centrifuge technology: the CIA would send its own agent undercover, or enlist a professor who might be going anyway to report back. Intelligence from academic conferences can shape policy. It helped persuade the George W Bush administration —mistakenly, as it turned out — that Saddam Hussein was still developing weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.

Some of those spies may have drawn the wrong conclusions because they lacked advanced degrees in chemistry, biology or nuclear power. Without expertise, agents might misunderstand the subject matter, or be exposed as frauds. One former CIA operative overseas explained to me how it works.

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Between assignments, he would peruse a list of upcoming conferences, pick one, and identify a scientist of interest who seemed likely to attend after having spoken at least twice at the same event in previous years. R would assign trainees at the CIA and National Security Agency to develop a profile of the target — where they had gone to college, who their instructors were, and so on. Then he would cable headquarters, asking for travel funding. The trick was to make the cable persuasive enough to score the expense money, but not so compelling that other agents who read it, and were based closer to the conference, would try to go after the same target.

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Next he developed his cover — typically, as a businessman. He invented a company name, built an off-the-shelf website and printed business cards. He created billing, phone and credit card records for the nonexistent company.

For his name, he chose one of his seven aliases. R was no scientist.