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Lawful residents in Andorra who are nationals of France, Spain or Portugal may obtain citizenship after 10 years of residency; for other nationals, citizenship may be obtained after 20 years of residency. Children of residents may opt for Andorran citizenship after age 18 if they resided virtually all of their lives in Andorra. Mere birth on Andorran soil does not confer citizenship. Dual nationality is not permitted.

A proposed law to reduce the necessary years from 20 to 10 is being debated in Parliament. By creating a modern legal framework for the country, the constitution has allowed Andorra to begin a shift from an economy based largely on duty-free shopping to one based on international banking and finance.

Despite promising new changes, it is likely that Andorra will, at least for the short term, continue to confront a number of difficult issues arising from the large influx of foreign residents and the need to develop modern social and political institutions. In addition to questions of Andorran nationality and immigration policy, other priority issues will include allowing freedom of association, dealing with housing scarcities and speculation in real state, developing the tourist industry and renegotiating the relationship with the European Union.

A secessionist movement exists, based at Pas de la Casa. This has only limited support. None reported. State Department.

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United Nations Human Rights Council. Amnesty International. Human Rights Watch. Freedom House. Institut de Drets Humans d'Andorra. On April 3, the country held free and fair multiparty elections for the 28 seats in the General Council of the Valleys the parliament , which selects the head of government. The most significant human rights problem in Andorra is the failure of the law to protect effectively the right of workers to bargain collectively or to strike.

Pretrial detention of up to a year reportedly existed for foreigners charged with crimes involving two or more countries. There were no reports that government officials or the national police committed abuses or acted with impunity. Introduction 2. The Committee expresses appreciation for the constructive dialogue held with the delegation of the State party.

Follow-up measures undertaken and progress achieved by the State party 4. Main areas of concerns and recommendation A. General measures of implementation arts.

The Committee urges the State party to take all necessary measures to address those recommendations from the concluding observations of the initial report under the Convention that have not been implemented or sufficiently implemented, particularly those related to national plan of action, coordination, data collection, definition of the child and violence against children, including corporal punishment. Also during the year, Andorra adopted the euro as its official currency.

The April national elections brought the Social Democratic Party to power with 14 of the 28 seats in the Consell General, or parliament.

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In the April 3 polls, the Democrats for Andorra won a decisive victory, securing 20 parliamentary seats. An EU monetary agreement was signed in June that will make the euro the official, rather than merely the accepted, currency in Andorra. He also announced a plan to legalize gambling at the start of Andorra is an electoral democracy. Popular elections are held every four years to the member Consell General, which selects the executive council president, or head of government. Half of the members are chosen in two-seat constituencies known as parishes, and the other half are chosen through a national system of proportional representation.

The people have the right to establish and join different political parties. However, more than 60 percent of the population consists of noncitizens who do not have the right to vote. GRECO also highlighted the fact that there are still no adequate campaign finance transparency laws.

Incendiary weapons cause particularly cruel injuries to human beings—civilians and combatants alike.

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Furthermore, incendiary weapons are prone to being indiscriminate, starting fires and causing casualties over a large area without distinguishing between soldiers and civilians. Precedent Prohibitions on particular classes of weapons have a long history. As early as , the St.

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Petersburg Declaration categorically prohibited explosive projectiles weighing less than grammes. During the League of Nations Conference for the Reduction and Limitation of Armaments Geneva — , the Special Committee on chemical, bacteriological and other weapons proposed prohibiting incendiary bombs. In this way, protection of civilians could be further enhanced, and this should be extended to cover combatants.

Jeremicz, who wish the greatest success at this stage. Commitment understood also as taking personal responsibility and involvement in a project.

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Commitment understood, ultimately, as a desire for dialogue and capacity for understanding. It is in pursuit of this commitment, this balance: the right balance, as we call it, that lies all the difficulty of governing.

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It is our home, each of our states, and it is also common in our house this is the United Nations. We echoed, 1 year sentence in a French former president, in the same assembly, which stated: "choose the path of compromise is not a waiver nor deny ourselves, but to advance step by step, stage stage. While we can not and must not deny respect for others. But the right balance, to be fair, it may mean balancing.

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To be fair, a balance needs strong approaches: there can be no excuse for violence or intolerance. President Obama is right when mentioned in this House that the recent attacks against diplomatic missions were not just an attack against the United States, but also an attack on the foundations of the United Nations itself. There can be no excuse for such acts. Nor can there be impunity. But what defines you is not how we fall but how we rise again. It is true that over the past year has seen remarkable progress. But it is equally true, however, that the countries represented here we can not afford to fall into complacency.

The demand answers, just and strong there. Among these commitments include investments in meetings of organizations of which the ombudsman institution of Ombudsman and found part of a technical or training on specific topics.

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The Ombudsman emanating from the General Council that gives budget. The budget of the Ombudsman meets the criteria the government uses timing their own accounts and moved to the General Council as a guide to develop their institutions and financially dependent, that is, apart from of the Ombudsman, the National Audit Office and the Data Protection Agency. Citizens Engagement Platform said there had been no changes made to the Constitution nor had there been any new laws enacted that defined direct or indirect discrimination.

Citizens Engagement Platform recommended that training on the Convention be provided on a regular and continuous basis to legal professionals. The situation of gender-based violence remained a great source of concern. A bill which would criminalize domestic violence was still in the drafting process. The Committee should urge the Government to speed up this process. Cases of violent crimes committed against individuals based on sexual orientation, status and identity were often not treated with the seriousness that one would expect from a law enforcement institution. LGBTI Sey urged the Committee to encourage the Government to review the existing mechanisms to ensure independence, transparency and autonomy to effectively monitor the conduct of law enforcers; address violence against the communities mentioned; and accelerate the process to solve such crimes.

On Andorra, Experts requested information about the resources available for girls who wanted to put an end to their pregnancy. Were civil society organizations in Andorra subjected to any kind of harassment or pressure? Turning to Iraq, Experts inquired about the situation of Yazidi women and requested information about the manner in which quotas were calculated.