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Quenching in such colloids results in better cooling abilities, higher impact toughness and smaller dimension changes of steels, compared with pure quenching media. In this investigation, nanofluids with TiO 2 powders of 50 nm average particle size were investigated. Base fluids of primary interest were deionised DI water, some commercial quenching oils and polyalkylene glycol water solution of various polymer concentrations, 5—30 vol. The cooling characteristics of these colloids were compared with the results of base fluids, but also with the results of previous measurements carried out on the fluids with addition of Al 2 O 3 micrometre and submicrometre size particles.

Quenching - Wikipedia

The cooling rate CR versus temperature and time was compared for all of the investigated media. The preparation of fluids was conducted with great care, with respect to mechanical stirring and sonification times. The average particle size was measured for each case.

In order to better understand the phenomena that occur during the quenching process, a high speed camera was used for recording the experiments. Titanium oxide nanoparticles show the most significant effects on the cooling properties of the water based polymer solution.

Quenching Theory and Technology

The maximum cooling rate increases with higher particle concentration. When comparing the results of experiments with alumina particles, smaller and thermally less conductive TiO 2 particles show greater effects on nanofluid properties. The presented investigations were achieved within the project no.

Although the primary focus continues to be on the quenching of steel, it also details quenching of aluminum and titanium alloys, quench severity of selected vegetable oils, gas quenching, intensive quenching, and simulation of quenching. Presenting the most recent findings in this area, this essential piece of literature is a substantial contribution to the general field of the thermal processing of metals. It is useful not only for specialists in heat treatment practice, but also those in higher education or numerous specialized courses and seminars worldwide.

Quenching Theory and Technology

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