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But before he can escape from the kingdom of Naysayer, Iggy must first reclaim what is rightfully his. Does this sad, lonely boy have the courage to battle the biggest school bully, a mean headmistress, and a greedy, cruel king? Will Iggy finally believe in himself and discover his true destiny? In the Kingdom on Naysayer, the king is indulged in a way as old as time: threats.

The king has a Tower of Torture that he heralds at every opportunity, and all follow in his stead to keep the king hopping happy, especially the Naysayer Academy headmistress, Miss Spitfire. Iggy is the runt of Naysayer Academy, picked on by all, especially his roommate Teddy. Iggy is stuck in a rather odorous place, with no way and no hope of getting out, and a stranger appears.

It seems Iggy is more than just the runt of Naysayer Academy, or so this stranger says, but it will take a band of good people to prove such. By the end of the book, Iggy has gained a considerable amount of confidence and bravery, compared to the Naysayer Academy runt he started out as. A great read with quite an adventure: a captain, a professor, a poet, and a magician of sorts , a white elephant, a band of rats…and the constant threat of unheard of tortures!

Click here to enter the Rafflecopter giveaway! But you will need to read the book to see what happens to Iggy and his friends on this great and wonderful adventure. This is great sequel to the first Iggy book, the action and storyline were just as exceptional. It kept me engrossed all the way through the book, I never put it down until I was finished, and can not wait until I can read the third one and find out what happens to Prince Iggy and his friends.

Friday, June 20, I Become Shadow. Joe has a normal human job like most everyone else but hopes to become a full-time writer one day, and this is where you, the reader, must do him a really big solid and love I Become Shadow, his first novel. This is a great action story for younger middle graders and reluctant readers.

Iggy is the misfit at the Naysayer Academy. Blackfeather, and with their help Iggy finds the confidence he needs to believe in himself. Spitfire and the evil king?

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Will Iggy be able to take his rightful place as Prince Iggy Rose? This is a great book filled with enough action to keep anyone reading. It also has some wonderful illustrations spaced throughout the book that are worthy of much praise of their own. If anything else you need to read this book just to see where the elephant fits in.

Come on you know you want too. Monday, June 16, Timmy Failure.

Review: Prince Iggy Series by Aldo Flynn

He is also in elementary school. His business partner is a polar bear named Total, who's artic home was melting so he wondered for food and, 3, miles later found Timmy's cat food dish. Sadly, kitty is now in kitty heaven and the agency is now called Total Failure Inc.

These are some of the funniest mystery books for middle graders I have read in a long time. Great for reluctant readers as Timmy provides self illustrations throughout the books, but not enough to make the books graphic novels. Wednesday, June 11, Codename Zero. Who would ever suspect that North Dakota could ever be so exciting? Definitely not Carson Fender, and he has lived there his whole life, all 12 years of it. But in one day it all changed in the blink - hum, well actually it was the passing of a box, not a huge box, and not a tiny box, but a box about the size of a shoe box, that changed everything.

Of course this strange man that gave it to Carson also told him to give the box to Mr.

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Jensen and no matter what do not open the box. Well as it turns out there are two Mr. Jensen's at Carson's school and really?

Jensen and, FAST! Little does Carson know that when he finds the right Mr. This book was awesome from the start, really, who would have thought of putting fainting goats in a kids book? The characters were well rounded and believable. It was a book I just kept reading.

Awesome book Mr. Rylander, I hope you make into a series so my N. Monday, June 9, The Curse of the Thrax. This is a great story about a boy, Jaykriss, his best friend, Marda, and what they must do to become what they need to be, not just for their families, but for their village, and most importantly, for themselves. It is a coming of age type story filled with sword fights, archery competitions, running and fighting for their lives, even a fierce dragon, but Jaykriss, like all the other children of Godswood grew up hearing about the mighty and terrifying Thrax.

The dragon became like the boogyman to 14 year old Jaykriss and his friends, until the day the Thrax killed Jaykriss' father, and Jaykriss swore revenge. One day while hunting, Jaykriss and Marda run into the Thrax, and also a new friend, when Jaykriss uses his head to find the one hiding place even a dragon won't go. The new friend, Zamarcus, helps Jaykriss see that his mind will get him farther then his absent brawn even though Jaykriss wants his fathers Bloodsword back from the Thrax, Zamarcus, helps him see there is much more at stake than just the sword.

There are prophesies and fate at work here, and watch out for the priests and the Dark King. This book was very descriptive at times, but it flowed nicely with the storyline.

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After I got into the swing of the story 3 or 4 chapters I was hooked. This was a exciting book, there are some twists and turns you don't see that will keep you on your toes, and others you will figure out right away but want to know how they turn out. This is only the first book of the trilogy and it is one you will not want to miss out on or you will definitely be playing catch up and regret it.

This is a very action packed book, it was a lot of fun reading it. I wanted to go pick up some of my husbands practice swords and challenge him Saturday, June 7, Genre: YA Paranormal. Published May 13th, But training their powers was the number one priority.