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You were never mean, always sweet natured. You had such spirit and a heart bigger than Texas. I'm so sad without you. I'm so sorry I had to let you go, but I knew you were ready.

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Thanks for letting me know. Sam - you will always live in my heart and I can't wait to see you and the others on the Rainbow Bridge. You are my hero.

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I love you so much. Sammi, thank you for taking care of me all these years. My life would have been empty without you.

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You are in my thoughts every day. I miss so much. I wish you could have stayed with me just one more day, or even one more hour. Sammi, be a good little girl and wait for me. I'll be along in time. You were a wonderful cat and we love and miss you so much.

You are never far from our thoughts. I will miss you Sam. You have been a huge part of my life for going on 15 years. I am sorry I couldn't help you. I am so sad. I haven't told the girls yet, they will be devastated. You saw me thru my hard times.

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I always had someone to sleep with even tho you snored terribly loud. I cannot express how much our family will miss you. Please rest in peace baby. I love you my old black dog. She came to us in August after a harrowing ordeal as a puppy. A local veterinarian clinic took her in after her original owner brought her in with a broken leg and asked to have her put down.

His children had hit the dog with a broom and broken her leg.

Paw Prints in the Wind - Tales of Beauregard the Far-Traveled Siamese Cat (Paperback)

He neither had time nor energy to look after her and no money to pay for her treatment. To him the most expedient solution was to end her life. Luckily the veterinarian refused and kept the puppy. His staff lovingly nursed her back to health and kept her at the clinic hoping someone would adopt her. Unfortunately several months went by and she was still calling the clinic home At around this time my father has suffered a stroke and when he returned home there would be times where he would be alone in the house.

I decided a companion would be good for him and we decided to get another dog. Our last dog, Casey had left us in and we never did get another. Now was the time to look at adding a new member to the family. We briefly discussed buying from a pet store, but with all the abandoned dogs waiting for homes I decided to call our local shelter. When I went to visit there were only large dogs up for adoption.

We couldn't manage a large dog in our small home and yard. I went home empty handed, but resolved to keep checking. Sometime later I learned that a small terrier might be coming in from a vet's clinic and to keep in touch. She also gave me the name of the clinic to follow up on my own. By the time I managed to contact the clinic the dog has been sent to the shelter. I called the shelter immediately fearful that if I didn't get there fast enough the unthinkable might happen. Happily on the weekend I found the dog.

Sammy was so small and scrawny and shook like a leaf. There was something in her sad brown eyes that just reached out to me. The clinic had looked after her well but I suppose no creature can live in cage for months without hope and she looked somewhat discouraged. I took her out for a walk or she took me more like it and then took her to my car. She decided this is it and sat firmly in the seat. Well I had no choice but to adopt her, she had made up her mind. We fell in love the first day. When my family met her they were disappointed.

She wasn't a beautiful dog, she didn't have long gorgeous fur, she was a funny shape - my sister called her a large rat. But she was so happy to be there, she loved her small yard and better yet she took immediately to my father. Sammy was a riot. She never just walked anywhere, she ran, up the stairs, down the stairs, round the living room, round and round the yard. She had trouble adapting to children and we did have to keep a distance between her and anyone under 12years of age. Little wonder since it was small children that had mistreated her.

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But overall she adapted well and had fun in the show in the winter. The next summer I had a huge scare. We had been having trouble with earwigs in the yard and my mother had put bait under flower pots for them.

Babcock, Winnifred Eaton

Well Sammy decided this was hidden treat just for her and ate all of it. By the time I got home she was stumbling and didn't look at all right.

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I rushed her to the emergency clinic and was told she might not make it through the night. We were all so upset, how could she make it this far only to die from our stupidity.

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I don't think I slept much waiting to find out how she would be in the morning. Due to the expertise of the doctors she pulled through. I was told if we had got her in even a half hour later we might have lost her. Well from that day on we watched her every move. Three years later we moved to a larger house with a huge yard. Sammy ran and ran, so much that she carved an area in the lawn for her own pathway.

She always followed that pathway, even when covered with snow.