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There is a very interesting podcast about her. From novel 30 until her last novel was it 35? One of the late novels even has a detective who forgets things and admits it. The podcast claims this was her hint at losing her memory. You just might like listening to the entire podcast.

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In this way, he shares scientific information on the ocean depths and their fish, on saltwater and the role of salt ch18 , on the value of sago ch21 , on coral madrepores and limestone ch19 and the polar night ch Such information is not simply educational, but has also been argued to have a poetic function Clamen , like his use of lists and scientific and exotic names Freligni This level of detail and scientific language sometimes slows the rhythm of the story and may impede, rather than educate, the young reader.

But in other cases, Verne builds layers of knowledge more gradually. Firstly, it is noted that Ned Land speaks the vulgar language of Rabelais. Verne uses the same technique to introduce travel narrative references. The Nautilus follows its own path, intersecting with historical reference points but also charting new fictional territory. Verne presents the Torres Strait islanders as a more direct and aggressive threat and in both cases the potential for conflict overshadows the departure of the ships.

The narrative forms used for both texts are naturally very different. The presumed knowledge of the reader is very different for both authors and the placement or assumption of knowledge has a major impact on the narrative dynamic of each work Vierne Annoyed by the loss of the corvette while seal-hunting, he despairs at the naivety of young men VSPO v1: 86 and about the recklessness of the officers He was a very experienced navigator and, at the age of fifty, by far the oldest officer on the ship, well known for his physical toughness and his brusque and tactless personality Rosenman v1: xlvi- xlviii.

In Verne, the narrator is Aronnax, a professor, who is an observer, not a commander. His name occurs regularly as part of a broader network of explorers, who all appear in relation to geographical references in Verne, following the convention in exploration narratives of acknowledging the achievements of previous explorers.

Verne mimics this nonfiction device in a fictional context by referencing itineraries from fictional voyages in his own novels. He is the Captain Cook for you Frenchmen. Unfortunate savant! Having braved the icebergs of the South Pole, the corals of Oceania, the cannibals of the Pacific, to perish miserably in a railway train! If this energetic man had been able to think back on his life during its last seconds, imagine what these final thoughts must have been! According to Menegaldo , Verne uses this same process of inventing a new ending to suit his fiction in Le Sphinx des glaces Verne employs considerable dramatisation and exaggeration in his novel, including highly emotive appeals, to increase the dramatic tension of his story.

French literature as world literature (Chapter 13) - The Cambridge Companion to French Literature

For example, Verne gives a fascinating and realistic view of a shipwreck in pt1 ch 18 , including an affecting scene with a dead mother and her child. Interestingly, Verne foreshadows this motif in chapter 12 where a dead mother whale is also described with her dead baby.

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Verne also exaggerates numbers. Clamen argues that Verne uses more and larger numbers, and more detail, that might usually be found in fiction, perhaps in order to impress young readers with very concrete images. According to Clamen, these numbers form a poetic element while also creating some fictional events in the plot and driving action.

A similar scene in Verne pt1 ch22 in the Torres Strait involves five or six hundred people.

Verne uses many more superlatives, referring to incommensurable quantities, abundance and giganticism in relation to the South Pole pt2 ch He writes of a world of birds and myriad fish, of life abounding , of schools troupeaux of marine mammals and of empires of wildlife. His animals are frequently gigantic. Verne describes a sooty albatross with a 4 metre wingspan: in reality their wingspan is around 2.

In reality, the largest of the Antarctic seals, the male southern elephant seal grows to between metres long.

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Nature in Verne as described in pt1 ch21 is very generous. In general, there is a much greater and richer variety of food available in Verne. Nature is the antagonist, not other people. More information about this seller Contact this seller Published by Albert Soussan About this Item: Albert Soussan, French Edition Pages Jaunies. Published by Frances Loisirs About this Item: Frances Loisirs, Dust Jacket Condition: Very Good.

Couverture Rigide, Texte Francais. Ils Sont Parmi Nous, Invisibles. Published by Fleuve noir About this Item: Fleuve noir, Une Sentence De Mort? Certes Pas! Mais, Un Jour, Tout Change.