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You can do it for yourself. Self hypnosis is a technique of putting yourself in a trance state , so you can make positive suggestions to yourself. It might sound difficult to put yourself into a trance, but it is actually not as hard as it sounds. As human beings, we all go in and out of mild trances during the day. As you fall asleep at night, you are also going into a light trance state. The next level down are alpha waves, followed by theta waves and then delta waves.

Beta waves are the fastest waves out of these four, with delta waves being the slowest. In case you are wondering, brain waves are not ordered from fastest to slowest by the Greek alphabet letters but rather the order in which the brain waves were discovered. To take yourself down into a trance state, you want to come out of beta into alpha and ideally down into theta.

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Self hypnosis has many benefits to the body and mind. The most obvious benefits are the changes you might be able to make in your life due to the positive suggestions your subconscious mind is incorporating. Other benefits include improved sleep, more balanced hormones, and reduced stress. In both self hypnosis and meditation, you are taking yourself into a mild trance state, and optimally your brain will be producing theta waves once you are there.

Certainly, for thousands of years, yogis and gurus have used mantras as a way to reprogram the mind towards more positive thoughts. Also, both meditation and self hypnosis can incorporate guided visualization to increase the power of the trance.

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Sometimes, the hardest part of engaging in self hypnosis is getting started. It will work best if you set aside some time each day for your self hypnosis practice. Put it on your calendar.

12 steps to create your own self hypnosis script

You can also perform your self hypnosis in bed as you are about to fall asleep. Check Prices.

The basics of self hypnosis are simple in theory but sometimes difficult in practice. Here are some self hypnosis tips and techniques you can try:. If you are having a hard time hypnotizing yourself, then use a self hypnosis audio to get you into the trance state for you. There are tons of different types of hypnosis audios you can listen to for free on YouTube or purchase for at reasonable prices. It is considered self hypnosis since you are by yourself and not working directly with the hypnotherapist. You can find audios from professional hypnotists such as Dick Sutphen or Rick Collingwood on a variety of topics from growing old to getting over hay fever or allergies.

You can often find hypnosis scripts online that you can modify for your own use. Record yourself or have a friend record it for you and use this for your self hypnosis audio. Make sure your suggestions are positive and in the present tense. Take a tip from yoga: Focus on your breathing. Use long slow deep inhales and even slower exhales. Count your in breath and your out breath.

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This can help your mind calm down and put you into a trance state quickly and effectively. Get clear o what your hypnotic suggestions are going to be before you start your session. Keep them next to you. Memorizing your hypnotic suggestions is the next step — and it will also embed those suggestions even more into your subconscious mind.

Watching a hypnosis guru on YouTube, especially one using conversational hypnosis, can help you learn how suggestions work. It can also put you in a light trance state to start your self hypnosis session. By learning to meditate, you will learn how to get into a trance state fairly quickly. The entire purpose of yoga asana was originally to settle the body down so it could sit for lengthy periods of meditation. Before attempting any self-hypnosis read this page fully and understand the processes involved.

Learn Self-Hypnosis in Only Minutes a Day

There exists a lot of scepticism and suspicion around the subject of hypnotism, especially in Western cultures. This scepticism stems partly from hypnosis being used as a form of entertainment and also from some of the original theories on the subject. Franz Anton Mesmer is often considered the forefather of modern hypnosis theory and probably responsible for some of the scepticism surrounding the subject. Mesmer, a German physician, had a keen interest in astronomy and believed that there was an invisible force - a channel for energy - to be transferred between all objects in the universe.

Today, however, hypnotism has been accepted by conventional medicine as a way to treat a number of problems including: relieving stress and therefore high-blood pressure, migraines, sleep disorders and helping people to beat addictions, such as smoking.

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Furthermore, hypnosis and hypnotherapy can be used to help boost self-esteem and personal confidence as well as to overcome related problems, such as a fear of public speaking. Today hypnosis is taught in colleges worldwide and has become one of the most popular and widely known complimentary medical techniques. Based on the work of Sigmund Freud - the human mind can be split into three distinct areas of consciousness; the conscious, subconscious and unconscious.

It can be useful to think of each part of the mind on a scale of depth. Freud believed that the conscious mind is the top or shallowest part of the mind and is responsible for making sense of the things we are directly aware of — like stress levels. The subconscious mind is below consciousness most of the time, a deeper level — it is therefore not so easily accessible and controls how we may feel or react to certain situations or circumstances, based on what we have learnt through experience, in the past. It also controls and regulates our essential bodily functions, such as breathing.

The unconscious mind is the deepest part of our mind and is much more difficult to reach — it can include suppressed memories of traumatic events.

Using Self-Hypnosis To Boost Memory and Accelerate Learning - Adam Eason

See our page Counselling Approaches for more information about the role and approach of the psychodynamic counsellor. Hypnotism works by reaching a relaxed state whereby it is possible to sink deeper into our minds and rewrite or reprogram our subconscious. Through physical and mental relaxation, self-hypnosis can allow people to bypass their conscious minds and introduce positive thoughts and ideas into their unconscious. In order for self-hypnosis or prescribed hypnotherapy to work successfully it is important to approach the process with an open mind. To do this you need to:.

You also need to think about why you are going to use self-hypnosis and what messages you want to give yourself — what ideas you wish to plant into your subconscious.