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The basic equations of the problem are formulated and a general dispersion relation is obtained using plane wave approximation in low frequency wave mode. The effect of polarization force in the dispersion relation of the problem, condition of the Jeans instability and expression of the critical Jeans wave number is examined. The unstable growing modes due to self-gravitational force are studied in the situation when polarization force on the dust grain exceeds over the electrical force in magnitude.

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It is observed that the polarization force increases the growth rate of the system. The effect of spin induced magnetization on Jeans instability of viscous and resistive quantum plasma. The effect of spin induced magnetization and electrical resistivity incorporating the viscosity of the medium is examined on the Jeans instability of quantum magnetoplasma. Formulation of the system is done by using the quantum magnetohydrodynamic model. The analysis of the problem is carried out by normal mode analysis theory. The general dispersion relation is derived from set of perturbed equations to analyse the growth rate and condition of self-gravitational Jeans instability.

To discuss the influence of resistivity, magnetization, and viscosity parameters on Jeans instability, the general dispersion relation is reduced for both transverse and longitudinal mode of propagations. In the case of transverse propagation, the gravitating mode is found to be affected by the viscosity, magnetization, resistivity, and magnetic field strength whereas Jeans criterion of instability is modified by the magnetization and quantum parameter. In the longitudinal mode of propagation, the gravitating mode is found to be modified due to the viscosity and quantum correction in which the Jeans condition of instability is influenced only by quantum parameter.

The other non-gravitating Alfven mode in this direction is affected by finite electrical resistivity, spin induced magnetization, and viscosity. The numerical study for the growth rate of Jeans instability is carried out for both in the transverse and longitudinal direction of propagation to the magnetic field. The effect of various parameters on the growth rate of Jeans instability in quantum plasma is analysed.


Effect of secondary electron emission on the Jeans instability in a dusty plasma. In this paper the effect of secondary electron emission on Jeans instability in a dusty plasma has been investigated. Due to secondary electron emission, dust grains may have two stable equilibrium states out of which one is negative and the other is positive. Here both cases have been considered separately. It has been shown that secondary electron emission enhances Jeans instability when equilibrium dust charge is negative.

Much more than documents.

It has also been shown that growth rate of Jeans instability reduces with increasing secondary electron emission when equilibrium dust charge is positive. Jeans instability of magnetized quantum plasma: Effect of viscosity, rotation and finite Larmor radius corrections. The Jeans instability of self-gravitating quantum plasma is examined considering the effects of viscosity, finite Larmor radius FLR corrections and rotation. The analysis is done by normal mode analysis theory with the help of relevant linearized perturbation equations of the problem. The general dispersion relation is obtained using the quantum magneto hydrodynamic model.

The modified condition of Jeans instability is obtained and the numerical calculations have been performed to show the effects of various parameters on the growth rate of Jeans instability. They particularly appreciated the anthropology of Ernst Platner, who taught philosophy and aesthetics as well as medicine. Their confidential correspondence contains reflections on their respective situation and well being. Both write about feeling ill and label their illness "hypochondria".

In the course of the correspondence Jean Paul's understanding of hypochondria evolves from an illness of the entrails as he follows Hermann, who supports the modern concept of hypochondria as an illness of the nerves. Two important themes from this correspondence recur in Jean Paul's novels and tales: firstly, his way of expressing comfort is related to his aesthetics, and secondly, the satirical way of portraying at least certain aspects of illness as imaginary reappears in his first successful novel "The Invisible Lodge" Naturally, tectonics is the common theme of these contributions.

Taken together, the papers of this thematic issue take the reader on a beautiful trip, from past to current tectonics. Description: Lunch to discuss strategic development of health programming. Comments: Travel and Hospitality Expense. Reports for Jean Lebel, President. Full Text Available The work of Jean -Claude Renard Toulon Paris appears from the beginning marked by the metaphor of the journey - Songs for land lost , and the craft of transparency.

Poetry as craft of transparency J. Against the opposition of the traditionalists he introduced the "ambulances volantes", the so-called flying ambulances. The aim was the medical treatment of the injured soldiers immediately on the battlefield. This revolutionary treatment led to a benefit not only for the own soldiers, but also for the wounded enemies.

His innovation in the field of immediate assistance of wounded persons, together with Larreys' outstanding medical competence, saved thousands of soldiers lives on the battlefield of the Napoleonic wars. His memories concerning the military campaigns, have been even up to the 20th century one of the standard works of modern military surgery. He had as well great interest in urolological injuries of the urinary system and their conservative and operative care. Up to these days, his work shows a surprising actuality and perfect anatomic understanding. In a time without anaesthetics, antibiotics and under primitive circumstances, Larrey and his collegues accomplished surgical feats.

Larreys flying ambulances were copied by many different countries.


H is clearly based on his thoughts and ideals. In our opinion he is the father of the modern war surgery as well the urological traumatology. La ricetta di Jean Giono. Rammendi di paesaggi rurali. The Lettre is now a classic.

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There is not mention of the food but its environmental premises perform a protagonist role. The Bulletin and the Video productions team had the opportunity to meet him.

The video interview is transcribed for your convenience. What attracted you to CERN, what was it that made you want to come? We talked at home with the children about places to see close to us, like CERN, where they are seeking to reproduce the origins of the world. These things are so far removed from what we ordinarily think and talk about, that they captured our imagination and made us want to come see for ourselves. We know that your son Giuliano, 9 years is interested in what is happening at CERN, so we'd like to ask him: how did he find out about it?

Giuliano: I am very interested in the technologies used in laboratories, and the exploration of the Universe. Plus, I wanted to see some of the incredible machines. I enjoyed my visit a lot. I found out about CERN from my mother. She showed me a video that I really liked, so I wanted to Genet can be seen to separate mourning which for Freud lies at the basis of identification from a process of generalized identification in which his difference from other people dissolves. A narcissistic formation of personality, evident in the symbolism of mirrors in Funeral Rites , gives to this process an added impetus.

But the fundamental condition of possibility for such generalized identification is the void it reveals at the center of all personality. This void not only makes possible the different kinds of identification heteropathic and idiopathic described by Silverman, it also disturbs any clear distinction between them. It is for these reasons that the glamorization of Nazism in Funeral Rites is coextensive with a demystification of its power, and the often brutal eroticism of the book is suffused with an ineradicable dimension of tenderness.

Taken further in the essay on Rembrandt, these themes lead to an ambiguous mysticism in which the source of creativity is revealed as inseparable from its ultimate obliteration. Man with a Mission: Jean -Dominique Cassini.

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Jean -Dominique Cassini, for whom the Cassini mission to Saturn is named, is best known for his early understanding of that planet's rings. This article is an overview of his influential career in astronomy and other scientific fields. He was an early observer of Jupiter, Mars, and Venus. He is best known for constructing a giant pinhole camera in a cathedral that he used with a meridian line on the floor to track the Sun's image through the year, thus providing the Catholic Church with a reliable calendar.

Cassini also used the pinhole camera observations to calculate the variation in the distance between the Sun and Earth, thus lending support to the Copernican Sun-centered view of the solar system. Cassini moved to Paris at the request of King Louis XIV, originally to oversee the surveying needed for a new map system of France, but ultimately he took over as the director of the Paris Observatory. Cassini's descendants ran the observatory there for the following century.

Pedagical enlightenment and natural education in Jean -Jacques Rousseau. It seeks to present the meaning of pedagogical enlightenment as well as the concept of natural education, and the two great novelties brought by Rousseau to the educational realm, i. At last it deals with the presentation of two innovations which Rousseau brings to the realm of education, the first one which deals with the concept of infancy, and the second one which deals with the pedagogical concept as a whole, by considering the phases of biological, cognitive and moral maturing, where each child is encountered.

They both had similar origin. The Cardinal of Paris often accompanied the pope in his pastoral visits. He was convinced that God had prepared him to this role. Jean -Marie Lustiger emphasized the attitudes of John Paul II that attracted the attention and admiration of observers. For instance: pray, holiness, attentive pastor and good relation with young people. According to him the pope perceived the challenges of the modern times, evaluated needs of the humanity and gave the appropriate answers.

For these he did not choose politics, sociology or even anthropology as a re fl ection but addressed to the hurt human who was redeem by Jesus Christ. Jeans instability in collisional strongly coupled dusty plasma with radiative condensation and polarization force. The influence of dust-neutral collisions, polarization force, and electron radiative condensation is analysed on the Jeans gravitational instability of partially ionized strongly coupled dusty plasma SCDP using linear perturbation normal mode analysis.

The Boltzmann distributed ions, dynamics of inertialess electrons, charged dust and neutral particles are considered.

Bonnes pratiques en santé mentale : quelles psychothérapies efficaces ?

In the long wavelength perturbations, the Jeans instability criterion depends upon strong coupling effect, polarization interaction parameter, and thermal loss, but it is independent of dust-neutral collision frequency. The stability of the considered configuration is analysed using the Routh—Hurwitz criterion. The growth rates of Jeans instability are illustrated, and stabilizing influence of viscoelasticity and dust-neutral collision frequency while destabilizing effect of electron radiative condensation, polarization force, and Jeans dust-neutral frequency ratio is observed.

This work is applied to understand the gravitational collapse of SCDP with dust-neutral collisions.