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But let us simply say that Running Brook is a one-supermarket, two-gas-station town. In passing we might note that the two gas stations, which are nearly opposite one another on the main street, never compete in price. We assume that this is a testament to the gentlemanly nature of the respective operators, and no doubt benignly countenanced by the existing Competition Act. We should also hasten to dissipate the notion that Running Brook is the bustling hub for a large recreational area in which million dollar homes are commonplace: the immediate surroundings have a rural rusticity, and the lakes beyond are smaller bodies of water lacking the cachet of the Muskoka Lakes, or Georgian Bay.

We hope we have succeeded in conveying the impression that our cottage, Wind-in-the-Pines , dozes sleepily in a cottage-country backwater. For that very reason, it was a surprise to see yesterday, upon approaching the town, what can only be described as a traffic gufuffle. There were two police cars in attendance, and we first assumed that there had been a terrible accident ahead, and that we would be waved off to the left — the route of a not uncommon detour.

But mysteriously, after a brief conversation, the driver of the vehicle ahead proceeded on the main road. We pulled up, lowered the window. Spot check? We thought spot checks were held in Toronto, after dark, during the "festive" season. Just outside Running Brook. We suffered such a discombobulation, such an intrusion of untameable, non-sequiturish thoughts, that we wondered whether the authorities, having long noted the unwashed condition of the Serviceable Six, were about to check it for spots.

We hoped for a warning, or possibly even a good-will gesture — a voucher for the car wash at the Petro-Canada station on Main Street. Then the officer, leaning in for a good whiff, speaking very rapidly, asked something about alcohol. When asked such a question, it is always prudent to appear very sober, very calm, and very alert. Aware of this need to appear to be in full command of our faculties, and with great presence of mind, we asked, "What? He repeated the question. Just outside Running Brook?

My Evil Dreams

Upon reflection, we thought that there must be more — far more to this bizarre incident. This was no spot check. No indeed. They were looking for cereal killers that are wont to plague the area. Why only the previous afternoon, on our walk along the Silver Lake Road, we had noticed a very large yellow sign warning that no garbage was to be placed at the location for pick up during the summer — but only during the winter season — after November the First.

Doubtless a security camera had detected a vehicle just like the Serviceable Six, discarding cereal boxes in the forbidden place. When the Officer leaned in, he was actually reading our mind with the new Krypton-ray machine to determine whether we were, in fact the guilty party, a cereal killer who left the lifeless, empty, mutilated boxes under the big yellow warning sign surveyed by the remotely-controlled camera. Oh, all right. In October. October 3, Special to Forward News The Lumpenbangenpiano Website was yanked from cyberspace on Monday, as the result of the failure of officials to update e-mail information.

The mix-up occurred when the website server, Deep Discount Hosting sent a request for a domain registration fee to an outdated e-mail address. When no payment was made, the website was yanked. Lumpenbangen officials protested that, when payment was not received, Deep Discount Hosting should have tried the website address dreimer lumpenbangenpiano.

Dreimer himself is still personally connected. Rules R.

Article text

Rules, a spokesperson for Deep Discount Hosting, and chairperson of the Yanking Department, was unapologetic. The thought of sending our request to the website address hosted on our own computer system never occurred to us. And few in their right minds would wish to speak to Dr. Dreimer in person; he is reputed to be rude, grumpy, and given to tirades in the style of the18th Century.

Forget it. We assume we are dealing with adults in such matters, not incompetents who need special treatment. Dreimer should try smoke signals. Despite Ms. The Waterloo based Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics was quick to allay fears of a potential black hole in cyberspace.

Spasce, director of Black Hole Studies, admitted that while there was a theoretical possibility that a sudden yanking could precipitate an inordinate aggregation of emptiness, the size of the Lumpenbangen site was such that its yanking posed no immediate threat. Melanie Grundy, Pooh- Bah of The Canadian Human Rights Commission, expressed her satisfaction at the news: "We are please to hear the Lumpenbangen site has been yanked; it should have been done a long time ago.

Here at Human Rights, we work long hours in a spirit of selfless dedication to making Canadians think the way we know they should. Our aim is to promote peace, love, harmony, and correctness, and we will spare no effort in enforcing our views.


We are expecting our license to burn and pillage shortly. In the meantime, the sort of ill-informed carping criticism from the Lumpenbangen website must be viewed as an outrage that must be stomped on, with peace, love, and harmony if possible, but with vicious, ruthless resolve if necessary. We have of course, nothing but love and respect for Dr. Dreimer personally, but his sinful ideas must be stomped on with all the vicious ruthless resolve that established religions can muster. We are hopeful that blasphemy laws, together with approval of certain persuasive techniques, will soon be enacted world-wide.

When that great day occurs, Dr. Dreimer will be a prime target of our loving and respectful considerations.

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And again, Dr. Nostrum Quack, spokesperson for the Canadian Medical Establishment expressed approval of the yanking: "In the universal Health Care System, we work long hours in a spirit of selfless dedication to provide the health care that we think Canadians should have, and that we think they can afford. The kind of constant, carping criticism of the Lumpenbangen website, calling for private insurance and more choice for patients is an unwelcome distraction in our attempt to create a monolith.

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Where would the Pharaohs of Egypt have been — what Sphinxes would now grace the desert sands -- if they had listened to the voices of the governed? Just as slaves found themselves accidental grease to the moving of a large building block, so too must patients sacrifice themselves for the greater good. Let them wait. We are glad the Lumpenbangen site is yanked; it was a foolish, perverse, and discordant voice in a chorus dedicated to a grand and magnificent opus.

Closer to home, at the Shady Hollow Psychiatric Facility in downtown Toronto, it was reported that the chief user of the site, Myalgia McBain, had commenced a hunger strike upon discovering that her favourite venue had been yanked. Chaic, chief of the Phrenology Department at the Facility commented: "Myalgia is what we call, in technical terms, a nut case. She goes on these 'hunger strikes' all the time. So — the Lumpenbangen site is yanked. So — she gives up ice cream. By the way — that guy Dreimer — he has lots of issues.

Probably better he forget the site and give us a call. Subsequent to these reactions, it has been reported that the yanking process has been reversed, and the site is once again accessible through the usual means. Lumpenbangen Institute reports significant Rise in Website Visits. Hamilton, Ontario. Special to Forward News. October 1, At a News Conference held today at the Hamilton, Ontario offices of the Lumpenbangen Insitute, it was revealed that visits to the obscure Lumpenbangenpiano website had more than doubled in September from those recorded a year earlier.

Idel Dreimer, President of the Institute, dressed in the heavy burka which he wears to assure absolute privacy during any public appearances, expressed concern bordering on alarm at the unexpected Result. Previous small increases we had attributed to the unwelcome efforts of our Aunt Myalgia, who, we imagined, had introduced our Site to fellow inmates at the Shady Hollow Psychiatric Facility in Downtown Toronto. However, this significant year-over-year increase must surely have some other Cause.

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We are currently scheduling a visit with Myalgia in the immediate future to determine whether she has somehow managed to influence residents in similar institutions in other cities. The thought that she may be plotting to extend our readership among those with cognitive deficits across the country — or even — heaven forefend — globally — is a matter of grave concern. As many in the Lumpenbangen Family may know, the site was originally intended to provide Aunt Myalgia with an entirely personal entertainment venue, to take her mind — or what is left of it — from her unfortunate incarceration.

To that end — of restricting readership to an audience of one -- no effort has been spared. The Diary entries have been couched in a sort of ersatz 18 th Century style scarcely comprehensible to anyone who has not studied, as Aunt Myalgia did in her early years, the great writers of that wonderful era. The extensive commentary on grammar and usage was designed to be of interest only to one who had graduated with superior grades in English at Bishop Strachan School. The quotations used in the Weekly Quotation page are almost exclusively attributable to dead white males who are of no interest to anyone in the post-feminist era.

Indeed, our own Observations are couched in a high style which make them a puzzling incomprehensibility to virtually any graduate of any University during the last thirty years. Thus, the extraordinary increase in our readership over the past year, must rank with the disappearance of socks in the laundry as one of the great unsolved mysteries of the modern era.

We could, perhaps, for a greater element of exclusivity, present our diary in the Greek language, but for the unfortunate circumstance that we know no Greek, and the cost of a translator would be prohibitive. We also wonder how much of that language Myalgia has retained through her unfortunate trials ands tribulations. September 23, Retired weatherman Dave Devall has been appearing lately some cringe-worthy advertisements for Shoppers Drug Mart. We suppose we should give him credit for get-up-and-go at age 81, but unless he is in severe financial need, we question his decision to add to the world sum total of cringe, of which there already appears to be an adequate supply.

Wearing an old-guy cardigan-looking sweater, Mr. Devall is positioned awkwardly in the middle of a Shoppers Drug Mart Corridor. What on earth is he doing there? Not looking for aspirin, or band-aids.