Taberna libraria 1 – Die Magische Schriftrolle: Serialausgabe Teil 5 (German Edition)

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Random House. Sheep In season three, Clover becomes a main character, and the love interest of Hawkbit. She is seen in the warren after Woundwort's defeat sleeping with Hawkbit , and running with him until they are interuppted by a former Efrafan slave, and she asks him if he wants to nibble dandelion leaves with her.

But he turns her down, and runs off to bite Dandelion 's tail, and steals his doe, Heather. She and Blackberry come across a fresh footprint of Campion who they think is dead , and Clover tells her that it can't be a fresh footprint, something Pipkin agrees with only to cover up the truth: Campion is truly alive, but doesn't want Blackberry - or anyone for that matter - to know that he is alive. In The Beginning of the End , she is seen carrying Flayrah into the warren with Silverweed and Yona , and teasing Hawkbit, who asks her if he wants to be his mate, about a group of voles following him, while rolling a rock to the battle field and helping with setting up the bolders for the bolder-rollers.

At the end of this episode, she finally settles down and implied mates with Hawkbit, both of whom think that the next day will be the last day they are alive. In the final episode of the series, she is seen with Hawkbit, who asks her what she is going to be doing after the war, and she calls him "handsome", implying what happened at the end of the previous episode is true, and that they are a couple now.

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Clover appears in the miniseries , and is voiced by Gemma Arterton. She serves as Hazel's love interest and eventual mate. In this adaptation, Clover and Haystack are the only hutch rabbits to escape and make it to Watership Down. After Hazel is shot by Mr. Cane, Clover goes to look for him and is successful in finding him in a ditch. About Little Stories for Tiny People is a children's podcast featuring original audio stories that will delight the tiny people in your life.

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