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    Lindsey A. Fr Frank, Fr Andy or Fr Aloysious just to mention a few, haven't taken an opportunity , right here right now - to apologize on the behalf of those Jesuits who have have caused such unnecessary, unthinkable and unmentionable suffering to others. As a sincere, 'We Are Sorry', would help the healing process And, yes, the Stations of the Cross, though it is The Cross, but we preach Christ crucified I would like to bring your attention to.

    Why was His Virgin mother, John the beloved and a few of the women, the only ones at the foot of the His Cross? Where were His disciples?

    Global Christianity – A Report on the Size and Distribution of the World’s Christian Population

    Yes, what we really need, today, are very courageous acts of faith from all of His true and faithful disciples , just as John the beloved was true and faithful towards Him to the very end - Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam Before His Glorious Resurrection. Myra 06 August Thanks Geraldine for providing a stable and faithful platform for this topic. There are many reasons I could give for stop being a Catholic - witnessing sexual abuse of my school colleagues first hand and the subsequent disinterest and eerie silence for years after.

    So many of my retired-Catholic, non-Catholic and non-Christian friends ask why I still persist in being Catholic - and it's because I will not allow someone, through human failure even to the point of malice, separate me from my faith. Even though I cannot say I physically belong to a church community and may not even attend Mass, I still believe that I am Catholic and as part of my healing journey I will one day hopefully soon be able to participate more fully.

    Geraldine, it seems you speak for so many! The Catholic Church might not go for women priests; but we've got a good Catholic Bishop in you!! You have used your voice and forum to perfection - filled with humility and truth. May we unite behind your voice as you express the gospel for today!

    Peter Hardiman 07 August Myra, I do not accept royal apologies on behalf of another.

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    It's cheap, meaningless and shows a lack of empathy to the sufferer for the deeply personal nature of this issue. The only apology that matters needs to come from the heart of the perpetrator and collaborators. Anything else stinks of a royal wave of the hand. I respect Geraldine's openness on all of this, but an underlying assumption of this writing is that Catholic means Roman Catholic, and that Catholic means the real deal, the main Christians.

    The conversation, I feel, is not between all Christians but is simply Roman Catholics talking to other Roman Catholics. It's no wonder she feels frustrated, because for Geraldine the Church can only mean the Roman Church. The Greek word 'catholic' in the creeds has nothing to do with the power of Rome or the authority of popes. For me, the most revealing thing about this article is the complete absence of the word 'Christian'.

    Christian Way of Life: Applying God's Word More Fully (October 2012)

    Until Christian enters the vocabulary Geraldine is talking about something that is some distance from my understanding of the word 'catholic'. Apology is one of the toughest but most productive habits we need to adopt.

    We all need to sharpen up our apology sense.